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About Realm

We are a stealth startup that exists to unlock human ability.

Somehow, we live in a world where accessing the entirety of human knowledge is easier than it is to search your company’s knowledge. Our work is bogged down by searching, moving, and compiling information – or, put differently, doing work about work. Gradually, we've come to accept this as the status quo.

At Realm, we believe what people do at work matters a great deal. We believe humans are much more valuable when they can focus on the essential aspects of their professions – solving problems, big ideas, and strategy. That’s why we’re building a better way for you to understand what your company already knows – a tool as effortless as asking your most knowledgeable colleague. Think of Realm as a companion that’s stocked with the collective intelligence of your company.

However, that’s just the first step on our journey. Over time, we’re expanding to many other and more complex workflows. Our vision is to become the command line for work. If we’re successful, the world will have better, faster, and more engaged teams solving the hardest problems of our time.

We incorporated in late April and recently raised our pre-seed from exceptional investors. We work in a remote-first manner, with an office in Helsinki, Finland 🇫🇮, where most of our team lives. We will consider both on-site and remote candidates.


Our team has learned their craft at various startups and high-growth environments.


We are looking for a product-minded fullstack engineer to build a product with us that our early customers and, eventually, anyone working at a fast-growing company will love.

What you’ll do